Flabby Arms

How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms !

24-02-2015   |  

Flabby Arms is one of the most annoying and common things among the girls. It is not true that once you are overweight, you will not be able to reduce your fat. A firm commitment and dedicated mind will let you get the desired results fast. Well, by fast it doesn't mean that you will lose 20 kgs of fat from your body within a week. No one can do that and if anyone promises you with such results, either they are fake or just wasting your time a. Read more...

Benefits of Green Tea

Amazing Health and Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

22-02-2015   |  

Last year when I came to know that drinking green tea can make us lose weight, I started drinking 2 - 3 cups of hot green tea mixed with lemon every day. And the results shocked me! I lost 2 kgs in a month – Yes, a month! Whenever I flipped through channels, I saw advertisements for Green Tea and how it helps people lose weight. All I did was pat my back for having resort to drinking green tea for weight loss. The question is, does green tea re. Read more...