Flat Belly

The Journey from Fat Belly to a Flat Belly

25-09-2015   |  

Whether you want to flaunt your body during your the upcoming vacations to a beach or to plan to fit into that cute, red jeggings - flat belly is one of the elements in life that make us happy. Getting a flat belly is not an easy job -you need to shed tears, sweat, and blood (think about those scratches you will get while running). It takes a lot of sacrifices too (no more cupcakes to satiate your midnight hunger pang). But at the end of the day-. Read more...

Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy while Traveling for Business

13-09-2015   |  

Travelling for work or backpacking across continents doesn’t mean that your fitness regimen and the dietary plan will go for a toss! If you have zeal, then even during those crazy rush hours, you will be able to squeeze out some time to exercise. Go through the following 4 points to Stay Healthy While Travelling for Business . Read more...


Cocktails that can Help Reduce Weight

01-09-2015   |  

Weight gain is one of the biggest problems faced by youths. They always try out to trim down. Eating less in proportion is not the solution to having a thin body. Some kinds of fruit cocktails can also help to reduce weight and maintain it. Fruits have a rich source of fibre and must be taken on a daily basis. . Read more...

Best way to Lose Weight

Best way to Lose Weight for a Healthy Life

24-08-2015   |  

Weight gain is the most common problem faced by people of all age groups, especially the youth. People try their best to remain fit and healthy. But, due to the intake of fast foods and other foods which are high in calories, people gain weight. Exercise is what most people resort to when it comes to losing weight. But, to remain fit, it is also essential that you maintain a proper diet. Certain kinds of food help to keep an optimum weight and al. Read more...

LDL Cholesterol

Super Foods to Keep LDL Cholesterol Low

16-08-2015   |  

LDL Cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein is tainted as the bad cholesterol. It is responsible for many health-related menaces- from blocked blood veins to heart strokes to some more. There are many reasons for which a person can be affected by LDL cholesterol. Among them, some are- •  The sex of the person •  The body mass •  Heredity •  A stressful lifestyle and unhealthy diet •  Ethnic group, he/she, bel. Read more...

Furry Friend as your Fitness Partner

Choose your Furry Friend as your Fitness Partner !

12-08-2015   |  

Fitness is crucial for a healthy and active life. Many people around the world have become very conscious of the fact that they have to keep themselves fit to have a happy life. Being fit keeps us away from diseases and helps us lead a life full of fun and frolic. Choosing your Furry Friend as your Fitness Partner can help in your quest to achieve Health and Fitness Goals. Also for our hectic work life, being physically fit is also very much i. Read more...

Garcinia Cambogia

The Miracle Weight Loss Solution: Garcinia Cambogia

08-08-2015   |  

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical plant of Indonesian origin which is widely found in the tropical forests of South-East Asia. It has become popular as a weight loss remedy across the world. It looks like a small pumpkin that’s green in colour. Researchers have worked for years to bring out the potential of this fruit, and now nutritionists are raving about this fruit as a power-packed weight loss therapy. Not only weight loss. Read more...

How to reduce Cholesterol

The Basic Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of High Cholesterol

27-07-2015   |  

Cholesterol is an essential substance for the body; however, if the levels in the blood get too high, it becomes dangerous and might lead to serious health diseases such as Hypertension, Peripheral Vascular Diseases, Chest Diseases, Heart Attacks and Strokes. High Cholesterol is thus dangerous for our health, and we must take steps to avoid this health condition. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance which is produced by our liver. It is a fat w. Read more...