11 Ways How Smoking Affect Your Skin

11 Ways How Smoking Affects Your Skin !

05-08-2019   |  

Smoking is just as harmful to your skin as it is for the body. When someone tells you smoking can harm your skin, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? You might think they are talking about the wrinkles, saggy skin etc. and that is very much right. Toxins emitted from the smoke are capable of damaging the collagen and elastin, which are fibrous components of Skin that keep it supple and firm. This damage speeds up skin ageing, the ap. Read more...

Heart Disease

Heart Disease : Tips to prevent The No1 Killer Globally

24-07-2019   |  

When it comes to health disorders, we often worry about cancer. It is true that cancer is a deadly disease, but is it the only severe disease that kills people every year worldwide? No, it is not! According to research, roughly a third of all deaths around the world are the result of heart disease, making the cardiovascular disease the number one killer globally. Every year, the American Heart Association, in conjunction with National Institut. Read more...

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder : Symptoms,Causes and the Best ways to Handle It!

22-07-2019   |  

Do you worry all the time? Do you feel nervous without any apparent cause? You may have anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry, or nervousness that typically occurs in the absence of an imminent threat. Anxiety is not fear; it is the body’s natural reaction to stress. Hence, it may be helpful at times by making you alert. However, worrying all the time and feeling nervousness is not a good thing for health. When feelings of nervousness . Read more...

14 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Carbs

14 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Carbs

15-07-2019   |  

It is a common misconception that “carbohydrates make us fat”. They do not. Carbohydrates are an essential part of the diet, and they are needed to be eaten in quantities enough to meet the daily requirements of our body. Sure, if they are eaten in unnecessarily large quantities, they could contribute to weight gain, and that is pretty much the same with other foods too, right? Carbohydrates are a healthy addition to our diet. Read on to find. Read more...

What Happens to your Body When you Fly

What Happens to your Body when you Fly?

10-07-2019   |  

The one who said “it is the journey, not the destination, clearly was not travelling in a plane. While the plane journey is considered the best journey because of the time spent in travelling and safety of passengers, it is just not the jetlag that is caused but also certain issues that might happen to you and your Body when you fly. Things like oxygen deprivation, cosmic radiations, loss of taste, swollen ankles, bloated stomach and popped ear. Read more...

What happens to the Brain as we Age

What happens to the Brain as we Age?

02-07-2019   |  

Not all things get fine with age and leading them is the human body.Ageing is an inevitable and irreparable phenomenon. The body starts with muscular and nervous atrophy due to advancing age. Brain decreases in size and weight ultimately leading to diseases like Parkinson's, etc. The brain is one of the most important organs of the body and controls all other functions. With advancing age, the brain loses its control inviting a slew of neuromu. Read more...

Preparing Mentally For a Blood Test

Preparing Mentally For a Blood Test

28-06-2019   |  

Scared of a Blood Test? Do not worry, as you are not the only one who is afraid of injections and cannot stand the sight of blood. Many people avoid Blood Tests and routine health checkups only because they are scared of needles and injections. Well, say goodbye to your worries as there are some simple ways and tips which can help you to get prepared mentally for the Test. What is a Blood Test? Blood Test is a very common and simple te. Read more...

Fenugreek for Diabetes

Fenugreek for Diabetes and its Many Health Benefits

25-06-2019   |  

Fenugreek is an aromatic plant which has many uses in the Indian kitchen. Its bitter tasting seeds form a key ingredient in curries and other recipes in India. The leaves are commonly known as “methi” in Hindi and sold as a vegetable or as a herb while the seeds serve the purpose of spices. If you have heard of fenugreek being a good source of controlling your blood sugar levels before, then you have heard it right. Read on to find out about . Read more...