Nutrition Myths

7 Nutrition Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

03-01-2020   |  

If you were born in the early eighties or nineties, then you must have seen the pattern of beliefs related to food changing over a while. The way people think about nutrition keeps changing from time to time. You do not believe some of the myths people used to believe earlier but believe what is told to you regarding healthy eating habits. Some Nutrition Myths have been stuck around since forever. The tragedy is that we know all these are Nutri. Read more...

Anti Aging Foods to Keep You Healthy and Beautiful

Top 36 Anti Aging Foods to Keep You Healthy and Beautiful

04-12-2019   |  

It is rightly said that-"We are what we eat".If we eat right, we look good, fit and healthy while if all we eat is junk and imbalanced diet, then it's going to reflect in our bodies. Beautiful skin also comes from within but there are some great Anti Aging Foods which help us immensely to delay the inevitable. When we load our diet with antioxidants, water, healthy fats and essential nutrients, it will show up in our skin. . Read more...

Benefits of Meditation

Discover the Many Benefits of Meditation which can Transform your Life

02-12-2019   |  

“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” -Swami Sivananda. The human mind is just like any other muscle in your body and meditation is the exercise which can help you develop it. Read on to discover the many benefits of Meditation. Pause for a moment; rewind your life during those few seconds. You will be overwhelm. Read more...

Good Sleep Habits

Nurture Good Sleep Habits to Stay Healthy & Happy

27-11-2019   |  

Have you ever woken up after a bad night sleep, feeling irritated and easily confused? Have you ever felt that you are unable to concentrate on your work after having a bad night sleep? Well, if you have felt any such discomfort due to lack of adequate sleep- it is very normal. Sleep is extremely important for our overall health. Everyone must inculcate good sleep habits so that they can be happy, cheerful and healthy always. . Read more...


Easy and Effective Ways to Improve Thyroid Health

21-11-2019   |  

Tried everything and still not able to lose weight? Well, do not worry! You are not the only one. Many people are not able to lose weight even after trying various things because of Thyroid problems. When the thyroid becomes underactive or overactive, it causes a lot of health problems, including Weight Gain. And thus, one must know the ways to improve their thyroid health. . Read more...

Air Pollution

Delhi Pollution : Tips to Save yourself from Air Pollution

01-11-2019   |  

Delhi’s pollution is increasing day by day and it can ruin our health. Delhi right now is covered in an ugly smog and toxic air that is making people sick. No wonder people are coughing everyone in Delhi and falling sick. The air pollution is causing throat irritation, cold, cough, and even spreading viral infections. The condition is even worse for people suffering from cardiovascular issues and asthma. Last year too, Delhi’s pollution got w. Read more...

Ways to Cure Dry Cough

11 Ways to Cure Dry Cough Instantly !!

21-10-2019   |  

Cough is not something that has to be seasonal. Although it can be irritating and painful for the chest if it is prolonged, it plays a vital role in clearing irritants and infections that our body gets exposed to. Persistent cough’s cure is in its underlying cause. It can be allergies, acid reflux, infections, etc. Cough is not from hyper-responsiveness of a human being but because of a direct irritation from an irritation agent. Are you experi. Read more...

Why you must Drink Coffee

11 Reasons Why you must Drink Coffee

23-09-2019   |  

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage worldwide. It is not only tasty, but it is also beneficial for our health. Almost half of America's population drinks Coffee every single day. In India, chai or tea is still a beverage that most Indians love. Coffee, the hot beverage prepared from roasted coffee beans originated in the 15th century. And today, Coffee is like a staple in every other's diet. While it is now one of the most loved drinks, i. Read more...