Anti Aging Foods to Keep You Healthy and Beautiful

Top 36 Anti Aging Foods to Keep You Healthy and Beautiful

04-12-2019   |  

It is rightly said that-"We are what we eat".If we eat right, we look good, fit and healthy while if all we eat is junk and imbalanced diet, then it's going to reflect in our bodies. Beautiful skin also comes from within but there are some great Anti Aging Foods which help us immensely to delay the inevitable. When we load our diet with antioxidants, water, healthy fats and essential nutrients, it will show up in our skin. . Read more...

Top Unusual Causes of Acne you must Know-

Top Unusual Causes of Acne you must Know!

29-05-2019   |  

Having acne on the face is a nightmare for everyone. We all want to have clean, soft, and spotless skin. But, unhealthy diet, stress and poor lifestyle habits contributing to facial acne that makes some people lose their confidence. Many people then start using a variety of expensive cosmetic products but don’t see any results. To fight facial acne effectively, first of all, one needs to know the exact cause of acne. Here we are going to discus. Read more...

Skin and Health

Skin and Health: What does your skin say about your health?

11-09-2018   |  

Skin and health: Does skin say anything about our health? Yes, it does! Our skin is amazing and the largest organ of our body. It protects us against infections, regulates body temperature and warns us about the coming danger. Like, when you accidentally touch a hot thing, your skin warns your brain about the burn. Our skin acts as a barrier to keep the harmful bacteria out. Since skin is an essential organ of our body, having a . Read more...

Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite: Get to Know About the Orange Peel Syndrome

13-03-2018   |  

What is Cellulite? Cellulite is a condition also known as Adiposis edematosa, gynoid lipodystrophy or in common terms, Orange Peel Syndrome. It is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous tissue that makes it appear like dimples or orange peel. It can be due to various factors including heredity and hormonal. This condition usually affects the buttocks but can occur in other areas of the body as well. It can affect both men . Read more...

Best dermatologist in Pune

Best Dermatologist in Delhi- Get Complete Info about Skin Specialists

08-12-2017   |  

Dermatologists are the doctors who specialise in treating hair, nail, skin and mucous membrane disorders. Dermatologists treat over 3000 different diseases including vitiligo, acne, dermatitis, fungal infections, hair disorders, nail problems, psoriasis, rosacea, shingles, skin cancer and so on. Some of the common symptoms of skin disorders are rash, scaly or rough skin, peeling skin, ulcers, dry skin, discoloured patches of skin and open sores o. Read more...

Ways to Lighten Facial Hair

Causes of Facial Hair Growth & Ways to Lighten Facial Hair Naturally!

05-12-2017   |  

Everyone just loves their hair but not on the face! People try all the possible ways to lighten facial hair but still what they get is a disappointment! If you are one of those, searching for some natural ways to lighten facial hair, then wait, breathe and feel good because you have reached the right place!  The first step is to gather information about all the ways to lighten facial hair naturally. But only gathering the information wouldn’t . Read more...

Home Remedies for Burns

Beware! Toothpaste can be Dangerous for Burns! Try These Alternate Home Remedies for Burns

15-11-2017   |  

Burns are always painful but are also inevitable. Whenever people get minor burns, they use grandma’s techniques to treat burns; without knowing that some of these techniques can do more harm than good. For instance, it is quite common to apply mint toothpaste on burns to get instant relief- But it is not the right way to treat burns. So, today we are going to share with you some effective home remedies for burns which do not cause any harm. In. Read more...

Remedies to Get Rid Of Warts

9 Wonderful Remedies to Get Rid Of Warts!

13-11-2017   |  

Have you ever heard the word “Massa” before? Well, it’s nothing but the Hindi name for warts! So, you don’t have to be confused with these names, they both possess the same meaning. But, the question is, what are warts? Before discussing the remedies to get rid of warts, let’s discuss what exactly they are! Warts are one of the most common skin problems that can grow in clusters or singly and have a rough skin surface. They can appear a. Read more...